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Satisfy Your Bubble Milk Tea Cravings with Our Delicious Drinks


I’Sip, I’Smile, I’Milky

Pure Ingredients and Pure Joy is our ultimate philosophy. From first sip to last, we strive to provide our customers with both the freshest boba and the most welcoming experience.

The Story of Each Sip

The Making of I’Milky

On a vibrant street in Midtown Manhattan, I'Milky opened its first-ever store in the United States. Providing our customers with a beverage that’s as fresh as it is delicious, we invite you to experience the art of boba. Sip our aromatic teas. Let the refreshing flavors and toppings dance on your taste buds. Building locations across the United States, we’re sippin’ with a mission – to bring you the best so you can indulge in a taste of tradition.

Craftsmanship in Every Cup

We are committed to brewing the highest quality bubble tea

Brewing our bubble tea with the utmost care, we use hand-picked Taiwanese tea leaves and milk delivered daily to our shops from local farms. The talented boba-ristas at I’Milky cook our tapioca balls in-house every 4 hours for peak freshness. We even blend fresh fruit to add natural purées to your boba. I’Milky takes pride in the ingredients we use. Our bubble tea offers a taste of goodness in every sip.

“It’s the small gestures that matter the most. At I’Milky, we’re more than a bubble tea shop with fresh ingredients and unique flavors. Our boba-ristas believe in being the best part of our customers’ day – one smile and warm welcome at a time. Because happiness brews at I’Milky”
The Magic of I’Milky

Creative, seasonal drinks are at the center of our craft

Picking in-season fruit means we always know what seasonal beverages to offer! From winter to summer, we are constantly inspired to create new and exciting drinks. I’Milky is more than our delicious bubble tea. We are transparent about our ingredients, pour our hearts into our craft, and value the creativity behind each of our fun promotions. When the seasons change, so do the seasonal fruits, and so does our menu.

Our (Bubble) Tea-m

Our team of boba-ristas are here to serve you

When you step through our doors, our boba-ristas welcome you with a wave and a warm smile. Need a drink recommendation? We know our boba—because we drink it everyday! At I’Milky, boba-ristas pay close attention to detail, creating art in every cup of bubble tea. From our delicious drinks to our exceptional service, we are bubbling with excitement to see you.

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