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Want to grow a thriving business that make people smile, and make profit?

Providing You With The Ingredients For a Successful Business

Opening a franchise with I’Milky guarantees support, training, and professional development tailored to the bubble tea market. Better yet, we’ll do all of the food and beverage trend research relevant to your store location. Our support lets you focus on what matters most – the customers and crafting the perfect I’Milky bubble tea.


Our Franchising Formula 

The Step-By-Step Process to Brewing New Business

Application Submission

To join I'Milky franchise, complete the application with supporting documentation. Submit it for review, and the team will respond soon

Informational Meeting

An I'Milky team member will contact you for an informational meeting to ask and answer questions over the phone or in-person.

Franchise Agreement

Once approved, you'll receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) with all necessary details about franchising with I'Milky.

Site Selection

As the franchisee, you can identify a location for the franchise. I'Milky will recommend professional locations and have the final approval.


After signing the lease, I'Milky will provide information on interior design and store layout. Construction will start after the final approval.


Training for two people 6-7 weeks before renovation. Marketing assistance and presence at grand opening for smooth operation. Welcome!

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